This workshop by GEO, shows you a brand new innovative approach to learning how to grow in simple steps. 

Discover the sweet balance of modern cultivation methods with traditional Indian Vedic farming methods- the holy grail.

Virtually all your food is ridden with carciogenic pesticides that enter your system on consumption. This workshop gives you the solutions!

Learn why microgreens are soon becoming the most in demand superfood on the planet. They contain 40 times the nutritional value of even organic veggies. Learn to grow em!


Savio Souza’s GEO is known for its in-depth training workshops on how to grow your own food organically. GEO is famous for creating some of the most popular live training workshops on how to grow your own microgreens and use them in delicious smoothies and salads in association with SHARAN. India GEO has customers and clients pan India and regularly acts as an organic farming consultant to schools, organic kitchen gardeners and commercial farmers.


You're either a victim of pesticide ridden produce or you're the farmer of your own food - naturally grown! There are no other options.

The difference is in your ability to grow at least portion of your own food organically which will determine the quality of your health today. Growing skills grant you the power to create your own delicious organic food which allows you to shape your health the way you want. That power to create and shape is the key to not only your wellness but also your family’s. You were born with an innate nature to connect with plant life from which all life force orginates from. Then you grew up and you lost touch with your innate ability to do that.

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